Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Education

We believe there’s a better way to manage iOS & Android devices in Education.

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Remote Control for Samsung, LG, Sony & Lenovo Devices

Restrict Student to Specific Websites and Prevent Access to Device Settings

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Main features of MobiLock MDM for the Educational Devices

With MobiLock MDM, You can manage, control and secure your iOS & Android devices used for the educational purpose by locking them into Kiosk Mode

Whitelisting only selected educational website and apps

Remotely wipe images in Gallery from the dashboard

Track location of the devices in real-time

Send a message to any device(s) directly from the dashboard.

Remote Monitoring of students‘ devices

Students’ devices can be monitored remotely from the dashboard which will help them to know how and where the students are using the device. Teachers can also remotely wipe images uploaded by the students from dashboard.











Embrace the Mobility Management Software for your
Education Institutions


In place of the conventional method of learning with textbooks in hard copy, the usage of MobiLock MDM by students makes learning more fun. Lots of audio-visual contents can be inculcated in the method and learning process can be become interactive.

Makes Learning fun and interactive

Remote Content Management!

Teachers can upload various contents to deliver to its students like class notes, assignments, worksheets, quizzes, tests, project details and even visuals and audio contents like presentations, animated learning videos etc.

Simon Gordon


I have tried other MDM software and this beats the lot of them. Ease of use - no need to read a manual. I also love the online chat support which is always instant and incredibly helpful if you need something a bit more obscure. Can't praise these guys enough.



Shawn Edwards

I'm getting far more control and capability than I expected with this app, and at a far greater price than I was paying before just for locational data. Screen sharing, app control and installation, web activity, user lockdown, security features, its all there and for a flat yearly fee!

South Wilts Grammar School’s IT Team

The problem MobiLock MDM solves is how we could prevent the many untrusted students who use the tablets from changing settings, installing unverified software or possibly doing damage to the tablets. It has proven very effective in this regard!"

Minimize distractions. Maximize learning.

A better experience for your students, and less stress for your teachers.
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